How Web Proxy Forwarding Setup?

I just upgraded the firmware to 5.3.9. Build 1194 for Balance 20. I found that there is a new feature Web Proxy Forwarding Setup. Is there any info how it works and setup?


Web Proxy Forwarding is not a new feature in firmware 5.3.9. It is only be used if all of your ISP requires to use their ISP proxy server for web browsing. For example, you have two ISP links, both ISP requires their ISP proxy for web browsing. In your web browser, you can only config one of the ISP proxy. With Web Proxy Forwarding, when the traffic is distributed across 2nd ISP, it will be forwarded to ISP proxy of 2nd ISP but not the 1st one.

Lai , what happens if we have 3 links but only one of them needs to have proxy setting ? could please explain this situation ?

Can I forward to other free proxy instead of ISP one? What if I want to forward my traffic to a free proxy, can I set the 2 WAN to same free proxy IP?

Hi Hootan,

With Web Proxy Forwarding, your web browser must be predefined a web proxy server, therefore if you have not enable the proxy forwarding for specific WAN, for the web browsing, the browser will access the predefine web proxy and Peplink will not modify the destination proxy.

Hi Victor,

You can forward both WAN to another proxy if ISP supports. Please be reminded that the Web Proxy Forwarding will only modify the proxy server’s IP and port which defined in your web browser.