How URL Logging works?


Dear Guys,

I see a nice feature in the beta release for 6.3 which is URL Logging. Please let me know how this feature works? What kind of server we need to deploy on the network to receive URL logs?



Exactly what I just came to ask!
Other ways all the other features are wicked!
Only issue I had is I initially upgraded from the GUI and IC2 downgraded it back to 6.2.2!
Once the new fw was entered into IC2 it wasn’t as issue.
Thanks Peplink!


HI Guys. I have just been testing URL logging myself.

It is designed to pump URL logs out to an external syslog server.
You can download a free easy to use syslog server for windows from here:

Install it on a PC then edit the settings in setup and in the inputs node add the IP of the peplink device you want to receive the URL logs from.
Then on the Peplink device enter the IP of the PC the syslog server is running on and leave the port as the default 514 UDP.

Click save and apply and you’ll start seeing URL logging info populate in the kiwi server console.


Evening Martin
After thinking about it more I figured that port 514 UDP is syslog so have set up an HD4 to log back to a Synology RS814.
This is been done in the following situation
HD4 in France on 3x cellular - SpeedFusion to Ireland - Breakout to internet - Synology Server in France
It is working because I’m seeing the Syslog file growing in size but can’t seam to be able to make any sense of the file!
Any time on 6.3 for FusionHub?

Configuring URL Logging

FYI The Kiwi Syslog server Console shows the incoming logs in plaintext see screenshot below.
I’ll leave the team to advise on Fusionhub URL logging availability.


Hi, URL logging is not available in FusionHub.


The only info I get to display is Daemon.Info IP assigned and connected to any ideas?

I cant get the URL Logging to work, I am on a BR1 using Kiwi Syslog



I tested it is working fine. I tested with 3CDaemon.

You may open ticket for us to take closer look.


I can’t get the URL Logging to register



Please help to open ticket.

Thank you.


I wonder why developers didn’t design this feature in a way that could send the logs to InControl so that admins can get beautiful diagrams and reports on URL visited !


Its something we will consider in the future I’m sure, but with tens of thousands of devices actively monitored and managed by InControl 2 I’m sure some of the hesitancy around adding that capability would be the amount of additional network traffic and disk storage requirements continuous live URL monitoring like this would generate. Some of our larger customer deployments providing Public WiFI access on 1000’s of buses and in 100’s of public spaces would generate terabytes of log file traffic pretty quickly I would think.

Anyway there must be some great syslog viewers out there to assist with that - I expectSplunkdoes a good job of it, and I wonder how many customers will want to turn this feature on by default anyway (because of the overhead in log server management). I expect most will enable it only when they need to identify and resolve a particular technical or human resource issue.

Although if I’m wrong i’d love to hear from you all about how you plan to use URL monitoring in your networks - let me know here.


Ticket #757372



Noted. We will follow up from there.

Thank you.


Afternoon All
So after looking at this again a few weeks later, I have found the simple way to view the logs when collecting the log via a synology server.
I had tried all programs mentioned above without them functioning as expected.
Realised that you can view the logs from within the Synology "Log Centre / Log Search / From other servers"
You can then export from the log centre as HTML or CSV
Such a simple solution, was just looking to hard for the answer!
Now to figure out how to interpret the data efficiently and effectively.
Happy New Year!



Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year to you too! :slight_smile:


Hi @GINO-2014,
What is the version of the synology that you are using?



Synology RS814. Also tested it on the RS815+ with success.


Thanks @GNO-2014!!!


Any recommendations for a syslog server that runs on Mac OS ?
Or a cloud based service?