How to VPN / PPTP connect to my Peplink SoHo

Newbee allert…

So I tried to understand the manual, watched the video on youtube posted by the 3G store. Enabled the PPTP server on my Peplink SoHo and created a user account.

Now how do I connect to this?
I would like to securely access some files on my Mac. And also access the internet via the VPN tunnel.

When I try to create a VPN account on iOS7 I am asked for a Server… Other than some wild guesses I have no idea what to enter here :confused:

My ISP is Comcast cable with a dynamic IP address (do I need to use a service like ?)

Thanks for your help!

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You will need a static IP address or or DYNDNS account.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your quick reply

Ah I thought so.
But once I have that what is the next step?

Once done depending on if you are on a Mac or PC you will start open/start a vpn connection. It will ask for remote IP (Public or hostname of the SOHO) then you will fill in the username/password (created on SOHO) on the client vpn.

I just went to the Dyndns website to sign-up for an account but am not sure what options to choose.
Right now I want to test accessing the Pep SoHo via VPN/PPTP and access my data and browse the internet.
Don’t want to change anything on my current DNS and MX records.

In the near future I might want to start experimenting with a Mac Mini Server. And I do have some other domain names available if needed.

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You can configure the hostname to anything you would like. Then for ip address you will use the current WAN IP that is displayed on the SOHO dashboard for the applicable WAN. Once created you will then click on details on the applicable WAN in the SOHO then scroll to the bottom of the page and enable dyndns and input the required information to tie together the dyndns host name to the selected SOHO WAN.

Thanks for your reply Jarid :slight_smile:

One more question; do I need to install and run the Dyn Application to keep things working, or is my account info on the Peplink SOHO sufficient?




You shouldn’t need anything installed on your PC and the info in the Peplink will be sufficient.

DynDNS will automatically update the IP of your host name should it change.

Hi Jarid,

I woud like to ask for your advice again :slight_smile:

This time I have installed a SoHo at the clients location with the goal to gain remote access to some local files using the PePlink VPN.
ISP is comcast with a static IP but cant figure out how to make this work.

Can you help me out please ?-)

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Hi Rogier,

Since you have static IP (I assume this is static public IP), you just need to enter remote IP (Public IP of SOHO) then you will fill in the username/password (created on SOHO) on the client vpn.

Is that in ?
Dashboard > WAN > Details : on the bottom “Additional Public IP Address”

Hi Rogier,

Since you have static public IP, believe your WAN interface should have similar setting as below:-

So the remote address of your VPN client should point to (for example above) and the login credential should match with the account in PPTP server in Soho.

Thanks for your reply, but can you please tell me where I can find this “box” to enter the static IP address?
I looked all over the UI but cant find it. Surely its right under my nose but somehow I don’t see it…

It will be under Network>WAN: Choose the applicable WAN. Then change Connection Method to Static and the above box will appear.

Thanks I found it. As a reference for other readers I included a screenshot.