How to view link/port speed BR1 Pro 5G?

I have a Pepwave BR1 Pro 5G. I want to see what speed the WAN port negotiated with it’s connected source. How can I view the current port speeds that are auto negotiated to see if it’s 100 vs. 1000 for example.

login to the device’s web admin with your username and password. When the dashboard loads go to the address bar and delete index.cgi and everything to the right of that and replace it with support.cgi

ON the support.cgi page at the top you can view the negotiated port speeds and port statistics.

Thank you! Forgot about that area.

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Interesting that the LAN will show link down unless you use LAN port 1. I was using LAN port 2. Support.cgi is not showing stats for both LAN ports it seems.

I’ve opened another discussion related to this and all products called Ethernet status.