How to view Ethernet Ports status in Balance 20X

In Balance One and Balance 310X, there is Status β†’ Ethernet Ports menu. I can check if each port is up and connection speed.

However, this menu is missing from Balance 20X. How can I remotely check each Ethernet status on Balance 20X?

Screen shots below, all of them are using 8.1.0 firmware.

Balance One

Balance 310X

Balance 20X

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Almost 7 days passed with no answer. I conclude that there is no way to view Ethernet ports status in Balance 20X. Now, it’s time to change this thread to Feature Requests.

I have a Balance 20x and it has nothing like the other two routers. You can however check the Event Log which notes the up/down status of each port as it changes along with the port speed. Still, not as nice as the other two.

By the way … at Network β†’ Port settings are your ports numbered 1 thru 4 or something else?

The port numbers are 4 - 7.

wow i wonder why they dont have the same gui as the other 2 routers. i have a balance 20x as well and it would be nice to have that. this is my first peplink so had no clue that was available on other models.

Thanks. My LAN ports are also numbered 4 through 7.

What can you see in the support page (change index.cgi to support.cgi once you have logged into the webadmin)?

On my Balance One I can see this which can be useful:

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Wow, this page is interesting.

However, it seems that Ethernet Details on this page is focus on WAN interfaces. It lists only 1 LAN item even router has many LAN ports.

On Balance 20X:

On Balance 310X:

Yes I came from balance one and too miss this feature on the balance 20X.
I must admit, I had not expected that the port status would be missing.
Is there a technical / hardware reason?

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I’ve recently noticed that we can see each Ethernet port status of Balance 20X in InControl. There for, it should be able to show this information in router itself, too.

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log a feature request

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I would support this request to be able to see the status.

Another note is that the arrangement of the ports on screen is different from the physical ports.

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