How to test if Peplink Balance 30 WAN port not working?

Woke up this morning, found my cable connection wasn’t working. Unplugged it, put it back in, saw that Status was constantly “Connecting”. Tested the cable modem directly into my PC and found it worked fine.

After switching cables / lots of plugging/unplugging and things like that, and ensuring my backup DSL connection was working fine in one of the ports, I finally decided to try switching WAN ports to port 3 and sure enough, my cable connection worked. It didn’t work through many iterations of tests on port 1.

My unit is:
Peplink Balance 30
Firmware: 6.3.1 build 3138

So my question: is there any way to tell if my Peplink WAN port is not working, such as a remote test to the unit or anything else? Or what should I do now? Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hello bobg01,

This may be a hardware failure and may require investigation by Peplink support. Please open a ticket for support here.

Thank you.

Thank you, will do!