How to spread traffic


I recently purchased a PepLink 580 and have some questions regarding how to spread the load over my WAN connections:

WAN1: 4/4 MBits sDSL
WAN2: 70/3 MBits Cable
WAN3 & WAN4: 6/1 MBits aDSL

What I want to archive is the following:

a) Send “ftp traffic” mainly to WAN1 as this has the highest upload capacity, but also use other WAN connections (up to a certain limit), if the WAN1 gets saturated or if WAN1 goes down

b) Enforce certain “https/http traffic” to use WAN1 as those sites use an IP based authentification

c) Spread the “rest” over WAN1, WAN2, WAN3 and WAN4

My implementation so far:

a) Here my idea was to use the “weight algorithm” and to weight my WAN1 with 10 and the others with a much lower value. But if I understood correctly it will always spread traffic to all lines, but that is not what I really want. But if I use something like “overflow”, I can not limit the traffic to the other WAN connections once an “overflow” on WAN1 has been taken place.

b) “Enforce” rule is used for that. Unfort. I can not specify a “fqdn” instead of the IP - is that planned in the future (esp. for sites doing round-robin etc.) ?

c) I guess, that I can most probably do this by the “default” rule, correct? But what happens, if WAN1 is “good in use” for FTP (as wanted), will this (default) rule then limiting existing FTP traffic on WAN1 due to this rule? Or will it just use the “rest bandwidth” available?

Thanks alot!

Hi Sven,

You will be able to set outbound policies based on domain name with our upcoming 5.4 firmware which is due out in the coming weeks. You can create as many outbound rules as needed to suit your needs using any of the algorithms available. The default rule is a weighted balance rule that uses the downstream bandwidth value from each individual WAN setting. You can of course change this default rule as well.

Thanks -Tim