How to Sign Up for Peplink Certified Engineer (PCE)

Step 1) Create a New Account

Upon clicking the registration link, you will reach our sign up form. Simply fill in the information and click Create my new account

At this point, we will review your registration.

Step 2) Sign in With New Account

Upon approval, you will receive the following email:

Click the link to reach Once you're there, you will see the following login screen

Enter the email and password that you used for your signup form

Step 3) Enrol in the PCE

After signing up, you will reach this page:

Click the Enrol Me link under the PCE section. Afterwards, you will see the following page

Simply click the Enrol me button to continue. Once you have completed that step, you will be able to review PCE training materials and take the PCE exam when you are ready. Good luck!