how to setup the br1 max pro 5g

How do i set up my br1 max pro 5g, with my existing verizon nano sim card? can anyone help me

Have you unscrewed the slot covering the sim cards and put your sim into slot A? Theres not much more to it.

The bottom of the device has the default stuff to use to logon to the device for initial setup.

which way do i put the sim card in the A slot? im looking at the manual that comes with it, and it shows some different sim slots

it doesnt actually seem like the manual that comes with it was made for the br1 max pro 5g

im dumb, i didnt know you had to lock the sim card in place before it connects

It will only go in fully one way. You need to push it in just past the edge of the slot at which point it will lock in

The notch should go in first and the gold contacts should face down on the slot A and up in slot B,