How to setup Peplink 20 to keep infrastructure on LAN?

Maybe this is a noobish question but I want to make it clear before my peplink arrives here…

We are a small company with only 10 client on Lan.
Our Internetrouter currently has attached a switch where most of the clients a are connected to.
The PC of our boss is directly attached to the Router (different room).

Now we want to use 2 Internet lines for more upstream using the above mentioned Peplink 20 wit Load Balancing.
My question is:
Do I have to configure the Router to IP FORWARDING mode to keep current infrastructure?

Things is that currently we are all in the same subnet
The Peplink usese maybe ( i dont know) => So when I turn it to IP FORWARDING will the clients which are directly attached to the Internet router be ablet o see and interact with the clients on the Peplink?
If not maybe please help me how to set it up…

Thx in advance

For the best results I would recommend the following steps instead of using IP Forwarding:

  1. Keep the Balance LAN subnet at the default
  2. Plug your switch into a Balance LAN port, the PC of your boss into another Balance LAN port.
  3. Reconfigure the existing internet router to be in bridged or transparent mode with a static or PPPoE connection on WAN1 of the Balance.
  4. Configure the secondary internet router to also be in bridged mode with a static or PPPoE connection on WAN2 of the Balance.

LAN clients keep the existing infrastructure and are able to interact with load balancing and failover to the internet.

Sounds good…
Questions are:
=> DO I have to set this up for WAN 1 and 2? Wan 2 - doesnt matter to me there arent any clients - it ist just used for IP Phone at my Boss privat phone - so I would like to keep it as it is for WAN 2. We just need wan2 for load balancing NO other Clients which matter to us.
=> Do I need an external modem for this ? I can set up my Internet box to IP CLIENT MODE - but I think while it loses firewall function it also loses modem function and it acts as a pure client…that is the problem I assume.

Edit: I just looked around and I found I cant use it as modem alone…
Any other way then?!
IP´s dont matter then - I have to change some stuff => Main thing would be to make all clients on the Pep visible to clients on my internetbox and vice versa


  1. May I know what type of internet links you are using? Both are xDSL?

  2. Please share existing physical connectivity for the ISP1. Connected as below?

  • Users —> Switch, Boss —> Internet router —RJ11(phone cable)—> Internet
  1. Please share existing physical connectivity for the ISP2. Connected as below?
  • Users —> Internet router —RJ11(phone cable)—> Internet
  1. Internet router for ISP 1 and 2 are assigning IP to client?

Hello answers to your questions:

  1. Both ADSL
  2. Exactly but no Phone connections - it is only Internet without VOIP
  3. Right => Phone via VOIP
  4. IP´s get assigend by Internet routers via DHCP

Hi alegend,

Thank for the info. Generally, you may follow the setup recommended by Ron. Please find my answers for some enhancement based on Ron suggestion.

  • I suggest to use default settings on WAN1 and WAN2 for Balance 20.
  • Ensure the IP address assigned by ADSL modem 1 and 2 are different. For example ADSL modem 1 assigns 192.168.2.x and ADSL modem 2 assigns 192.168.3.x.
  • Connect both modems to WAN1 and WAN2 respectively. Both internet links should be up and running automatically.
  • Then you may use Outbound Policy to route your boss’s IP phone’s traffic to WAN2 and the rest of traffic to WAN1

This should be the physical connectivity:-
---------------------------------(WAN1) —> ADSL Modem1 —> ISP1 —> Internet
Client —> (LAN) Balance 20
---------------------------------(WAN2) —> ADSL Modem2 —> ISP2 —> Internet

Thats all clear…but currently we run a Cisco RV325 which doesnt perform good concerning load balancing.
Situation is:
WAN 1 =>
WAN 2 =>
Cisco =>

Thats all working fine - but problem I have is that the clients on the Cisco (which now will be Peplink Clients) cant be accesed from Clients which are directly attached to WAN 1 Internetbox (this is our Internetbox
We have a NAS on the Cisco (which will be on the peplink) which couldnt be accessed by clients on Internetbox on WAN 1.
I had to set a DMZ to the NAS to make it accessible and thus it was the reason to get the peplink because I thought I could turn off NAT and rund in Routermode to make all devices accessible…
Whats wrong in my thinking?

Currently I also have set up a static route from internetbox to Cisco device to make printers availbe to all clients on Cisco (Peplink to come)

…yesterday it arrived and I would like to attach it :-9

but I have to be sure how to set it up to make all devices visible in 1 network

If clients need to stay on the Internetbox for WAN 1, then yes you can enable IP Forwarding on WAN 1 for this scenario. 192.168.1.X LAN clients will not get a NAT when going out WAN1. This is no problem as long as the Internetbox can route the 192.168.1.X clients out to the internet as well.

Under: Network> WAN1> Connection Settings click on the “?” for Routing Mode. There is a link to enable IP Forwarding on that WAN.

Thx for all your tips!
I got it running now :slight_smile: NAT on PEP WAN 1 turned off and static route on my internetbox to Peplink LAN IP!

Works like a charm!! and load balancing runs VERY GOOD!

GREAT Product so far!

ARgh…Im facing only 1 problem:

When Printing from a client on the Peplink to the printer on our internetbox - the traffic is regarded as outbount traffic und slows down the Internet usage for clients on peplink. (WAN 1 Traffic is at max)
Is there any workaround? so that the Printer Traffic which isnt a WAN traffic doesnt bother internet connections?

I currently “solved” it by bumping up the stats of the WAN 1 Line to higher levels but this isnt a good solution :_)
I need to somehow exclude the printer IP to be regardes as EXTERNAL

Why not you move the printer to LAN side on Balance 20? I think this will be better.

I regarded this as well :slight_smile: I just thought maybe it would be possible somehow…to exclude this
Because Printer needs to be near Internetbox because of the Phone line…


This is an all-in-one printer which supports network connection and fax? If so, possible to pull ethernet cable from LAN switch to the printer?

Ok printer moved to Peplink => Solved

But what I found out and what I dont understand:
I cant find Windows Shares or computers from Clients on Internetbox (wlan or via cable attached clients on internetbox dont find windows shares which have users on Peplink)
The only thing they find is the NAS e.g. User on Windows box ip finds nas on but doenst find windows share on pc 192.168.102

When I search LANS on my Android Phone (which is connected via WLAN to internetbox)
I find all pcs on Internetbox but only 1 device (NAS in the Peplink subnet)
But I find the Printer which I moved to the peplink LOL
I get crazy…
Why dont the other clients Shares not show

I cant ping any client on Peplink side except NAS


Any reason you still want to maintain users on Internetbox? Personal opinion, this is not a good practice. Suggest to move them to LAN side of Balance 20. :slight_smile:

I know but problem is infrastructure - i only have 1 cable from internetbox to peplink (and this is the WAN1 to Inetbox cable…) and no wifi on peplink too :slight_smile:
thats the reason

would it work to set a Class B subnet?


Class B subnet wouldn’t help in your situation.

You can get an AP and connect it to a LAN switch. Then you can easily move to clients from Internetbox to Balance 20’s LAN. For the client required ethernet connection, just ensure you have sufficient switch ports.

Why do I suggest to move clients to LAN side?

  1. Design perspective
  • Balance 20 categorized LAN as secure and WAN as insecure zone. So, clients connected to Internet box will not have any protection by Balance 20.
  1. Throughput
  • Balance 20 do support 100Mbps router throughput. Traffic for LAN to LAN (Internetbox to Balance 20’s LAN or vice versa. I categorized these are unnecessary traffic which will consume the router throughput) + Internet traffic can easily reach to the hardware limit. The issue of your printing is a good example on this.
  • Of course, I have no comment if you are using Balance One, Balance 210 or a bigger box.
  1. Unforeseen problem
    This is not under control. We not sure what is the next issue which caused by the inappropriate design.

I just sharing my opinion above. Hope you don’t mind. :slight_smile: Back to the problem you are facing now. Clients from Internetbox are using hostname to connect the Windows Sharing machine in LAN of Balance 20? For example “\hostname\shared” instead of “\192.168.1.x\shared”?

Clients from Internetbox able to ping the IP of clients in Balance 20? If so, how about the hostname?

I happy that you share your opinion about my situation here .)
You are definitely right on moving clients to Peplink - as the speed problems I also had when syncing files from mobile clients attached to internetbox => Peplink.
Thus I slowed down syncspeed through apps on each devide (this is not a perm solution!)
For wifi client i ordered a WIFI AP which I will attach to the peplink…
Currently I have a GB switch with 24 ports attached to the Peplink…

Currently i connect to the nas from Netbox clients via:
// (nas ip)
this works
Ping doesnt work - I can only ping printer which I moved to the peplink and I an ping the NAS.
I thought maybe firewallproblem on client pcs - so i turned off with no success.
From my pc which is attached to the peplink I can connect (SMB) and ping my Phone which is on internetbox but I cant ping Boss PC even when FW on his pc turned off…

I dont get the problem…the thing I dont understand is => why can I find NAS from my phone but not my pc?!both are on Peplink


  1. Can you provide traceroute result from PC that attached to Internetbox to your PC which attached to LAN switch?
  • If you are using Windows PC, please open command prompt and type “tracert -d 192.168.1.x”
  1. Please provide screenshot of WAN1 (Network > WAN > WAN1).

  2. Please provide screenshot of LAN settings (Network > Network Settings).

  3. Please provide screenshot of Port settings (Network > Port settings).

  4. Please provide screenshot of Inbound Firewall Rules (Network > Access Rules).

If info above are sensitive, please open ticket for us to take closer look.

OK - all infos included
IP of the PEPLINK on Internetbox is…included also a screen of the static route on my internetbox…