How to setup a fusionhub with proxmox

I have used a lot of virtualization software over the years, and we are currently using proxmox.

A lot of vm articles are written for vmware and hyper-v , but it’s often hard to find what you need to adapt for proxmox.

We have been provisioning a lot more fusionhub’s as of recent, so I wanted to put together a how to article for installation of proxmox.

-instructions based on Proxmox 6.3-6

-login to proxmox shell

-download fusionhub


-unzip fusionhub


cd Fusionhub/OVF

-untar ova

tar xvf FusionHub.ova

-import ovf to your location

-Change 3001, to whatever id number you want.

-Change CEPHpool your disklocation

qm importovf 3001 FusionHub.ovf CEPHpool

-Go to your proxmox node

-highlight the newly imported vm and click hardware

-highlight hard disk and click Detach


-Highlight unused Disk 0, and click edit

-Change Bus/Device to Scsi and click add

-Click Scsi controller and change type to Virtio SCSI

-Click Add network card change model to virtio

-Click Memory change to 4096

-start vm

-open console to watch it boot up, follow instructions on screen to change to static ip if needed.


This is great! Thanks for sharing Jonathan.