How to set WPA Security on PepWave Max BR-1 Mini

How do I set the security on my PepWave Max BR-1 Mini. I can log into my admin pages but cannot locate the security.

Should I use WP2?



Hi lk23, Welcome to our forum,

Could you specify a bit, do you tell us about the security of your WiFi network or to access the administration of your device?

Yes, where can I find the security settings in my routers admin pages?

Hi @lk23. @Ramiro_Bocan is asking you if you are referring to “wi-fi security” or the security features of the router (i.e., access to the device.) There is a huge difference.

If you wish to change the router’s security settings go to System → Admin Security.

If you want to change the wi-fi security parameters go to AP → [SSID] → Security Settings.