How to set WiFi to a VLAN


Under AP > Settings > Management VLAN ID drop down menu.

I am trying to set my Management VLAN ID from Untagged LAN (NO VLAN) to a VLAN I created for that specific device. I would like to have my mobile phone and tablet on their own protected VLANS like my other devices on my network and I am guessing this is how I am supposed to do it but I keep getting this error message.


Someone referred me to a few articles about access vs trunking and it didn’t help. Can someone please give me a few pointers on how to assign my WiFi to a VLAN?

I don’t have the 2 VLANS for my mobile and tablet assigned to any ports. Have most recent firmware update.

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That setting is where the APs will tag their management traffic for, not what VLAN client devices would be placed into - if you get that setting wrong, say by telling the APs to tag their traffic into a VLAN that does not exist or is not correctly configured across the switches and up to the router you will potentially cut the APs off from being manageable and might end up needing to factory reset them, hence the warning it is displaying.

From looking at your other posts it seems all you want to do is make an SSID that puts devices connected into it on a specific VLAN, you configure that the same place as the other SSID settings, just select the VLAN for the clients from the dropdown menu.


Yup that’s what I was looking for. Thank you for your time. =)