How to set-up VPN on iOS to PEPwave Soho?

I need help setting up a very basic VPN service on my Pepwave SOHO.

I have searched the manuals and googled for an answer but I cant find out how to set-up the VPN.

Steps I have established so far:
Network > WAN > Enabled Dynamic DNS by
Advanced > Profile > Name : Rogier, Active “V”, Remote ID only “V”, Data Port Default.
Advanced > PPTP Server > > User Accounts > created username and password

I would like to securely access the internet via my home network while connected from a public network.
If possible I would like to access files as well.

Thanks for your help!



You need to setup the PPTP server on the Peplink and a corresponding PPTP VPN account on your iOS device. Only the first and last steps are needed. You
may follow this knowledge base article for guidance:

Peplink | Pepwave - Forum


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Hi Jonan,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Unfortunately the link you provided doesn’t help me much further. The instructions given are not for the SOHO but that was easy to figure out.
As I stated in first post I have already taken the steps as provided on the link you gave me but what do I need to do next?

Please see the screenshot below from my iPhone. When I try to connect this doesn’t’ work.

Please note that not everyone who starts this already has a working knowledge about these matters. And a simple step by step procedure without assumptions about existing knowledge would be very helpful for many more people than just me :slight_smile:

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!



I got things to work.

Turns out you cannot connect to the VPN while being on the same network.
The moment I turned off the WiFi and connected my iPhone to the LTE network it worked like a charm.

Now we know :slight_smile:


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Hi Rogier-

Thanks for the update. We assumed you were already trying to connect from a different network. Glad you got it working :slight_smile:

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Like most things in life and a specially in IT, never assume :wink:


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