How to set up vpn access over 3g network to access my network behind pepewave router?

I own a pepewave router with four 3g/usb modem load balanced as main internet access for our resort. We are very happy with it and it run likea charm.
I would like now to access one of my lan computer from internet threw the pepwave modem
What would be my best solution to access the computer behind my pepelink (on my lan side) form any computer form internet by using a vpn access. The ip address given by the 3g operator is not directly accessible from internet due i suppose to Firewal/proxy/nat provider configuration. Is there some vpn service provider compatible with pep link vpn technology who can offer such service (like a public ip link to my pepwave over the 3g lines)?
I’m little bit confuse with all the solution (speen fusion, ipsec, pppt).
Thanks for your advice.

You can ask your ISP if they provide an unrestricted APN. This will remove your provider’s firewall and provide access to your Pepwave router. In order to then “find” your router from the internet, i recommend that you use a DynDNS ( or No-IP ( account. You can create a host on their website and then configure the update of the host name on the bottom of your Pepwave’s WAN page for the specific connection. Each WAN connection must have its own dynamic host name. Once this is done, go to the PPTP section of the Network tab, and create an acccount for yourself.

Now you can use your notebook (or other device) and create a VPN (for Windows you select Connect to my workplace), and configure it to connect to the dynamic host name, and then specify the username and password you created on your Pepwave PPTP section.

Thanks for your reply,
I’m in indonesia and unfortunatly my ISP doesn’t offer unrestricted APN. I was thinking more about a vpn solution connected to a vpn service provider with the peplink acting as vpn client to this provider. The vpnprovider would give access to public ip without restriction for monthly fees according to volume. I try to google it but found only solution working with ddwrt/tomato and open vpn. Is there similar solutions compatible with peplink technology?


Peplink/Pepwave only support SpeedFusion, IPSec and PPTP at this moment. Please consider the suggestion from Cobus if applicable.

Thank you.

Thanks for your answer,
I have finally decided to pass a open vpn connection from one of my lan Windows 7 computer through the pepwave on one of the 3gm modem. I use the Windows firewall for the inbound and outbound traffic on this computer.This solution almost fit my needs except for the port forwarding that can’t be made from the windows firewall.