How to set up Surf OTG in bridge mode?

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to set up the SOTG device to extend my home network into a detached garage, and I have no trouble doing so as a repeater, but I cannot figure out how to get it to bridge instead. The reason I cannot have NAT’d LAN (i.e. repeater) in the garage is because there are a number of WEMO devices and a VOIP phone that need to be on the same subnet as the home network. The home network router is on a 10.68.69.x subnet and provides DHCP functionality.

What specific steps are involved in successfully creating a true WiFi bridge that extends the same 10.68.69.x subnet into the detached garage? I’ve scoured the forums and Googled for hours, but have come up empty. Specs sheets and feature list for the OTG product state that it supports “bridge mode”, and I have that option in the pull-down of the setup screen, however there are no specific instructions on what do to with DHCP (i.e. will a DHCP request in the garage pass through to the house router, or will a bank of IPs have to be configured on the OTG, and if so, how to handle the non-default subnet). And if the OTG device is changed from the default IP config, the web interface is no longer accessible. Confused…

Thanks in advance for any help.

Once you place it in bridge mode all DHCP requests are just passed through to your existing router and all devices will receive an IP from your existing router. Nothing needs to be configured on the OTG regarding DHCP.

The OTG itself will actually get an IP from your router as well, and you can access it at https://10.68.69.x:8000

Thank you Tim S. for your response. I managed to get it working in bridge mode as you describe above. Wonderful little device!

Glad you got it working :up: