How to set up simultaneous Wi-Fi as WAN and Wi-Fi AP



We perform the following test:

  1. On the pier we create a Wi Fi hotspot
  2. On the boat we turn ON the BR 1 and a cellphone (an Android phone: Moto Z)
  3. On the boat, we search for Wi Fi signals, trying to connect with the SSID created on step 1 on BR1 and Cellphone
  4. Basically the BR1 and Cellphone perform with the same performance, however the BR1 use one external Antena (from Digital Antenna, model Bullet - link) and the cellphone only your internal receptor - I believed that the BR1 would have a much higher power than an ordinary cell phone.

What is the maximum distance the BR1 can connect to a Wifi WAN?
Could this low range be a failure in the equipment?

(sorry for any english errors, it’s not my native language - sometime it’s hard to make me clear)


Hello @marcomarinha,
Wi-Fi distance is dependant on may factors, here are some of those factors:

  • Antenna design
  • Antenna type
  • Antenna angles
  • Antenna connection to cables
  • Antenna connection to equipment
  • Antenna proximity to other antennas
  • Antenna received RF signals (interference & background noise)
  • Antenna system gains and losses (measured in dB)
  • Quality of the antenna system and electronics at both sides of the radio (Wi-Fi) links
  • Compatibility between manufactures equipment (we see this a lot, not all brands play nicely with other brands due to there separate interpretations of the standards), tis is especially so with consumer equipment

These are just some of the factors that affect an Antennas performance.

So the maximum distance of the BR1 (even with its factory supplied antennas) is dependant on all of these factors above.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


When I have this setup on my HD2. The public WIFI has great through put 25mbps + but when I access it through the pep wave it’s only 4mbps. Why is that?