How to set up a rule to use LTE connection for Skype, FaceTime etc.?


I’ve got a Balance 710, with 5 WAN connections and 1 LTE (USB modem) connection.

The LTE connection is faster than the sum of the 5 WAN connections, and much more reliable. I’d therefore like to use it for all VOIP (Skype, FaceTime, FuzeHD) calls.

On my previous router, a Netgear R8000, it was possible to select usage on an application basis, so I could literally choose Skype, FaceTime etc. from a dropdown list, but I’m not sure how to do this with the 710.

Has anyone got any experience with this? If so, could you please let me know? :slight_smile:

Thanks, Edward

Hi Edward,

Believe the mention “Usage on an application basis” is more on the QOS feature for the Netgear R8000 more than the traffic forwarding using the available WANs.

The requested traffics forwarding is too complex to be achieve as the mention applications above are using SSL connections or random network service ports.

For more information, please refer to the URL below:




You may consider use combination of the B710 outbound policy to forward the related VOIP traffics using the cellular WAN

  • Protocol/ Port
  • Destination by Domain Name

Thank You

Hi sitloongs

Thank you for your detailed reply - much appreciated.

1 - Netgear Settings - You are absolutely right about it relating to QOS. I was getting these confused, sorry.

2 - Balance 710 Outbound Policy - I’m a little unsure what you mean. Can you please give an example?

3 - Alternative Settings - Would something like this work?

4 - Multiple LTE** - If I wanted to use more than one LTE connection (e.g. by incorporating a BR1, as well as the USB modem), would I use Weighted Balance Algorithm set to 0 for WANS 1-5 and 5 each for BR1 and USB?

5 - Outbound Rules with SpeedFusion / FusionHub - Is it even possible to use such rules when SpeedFusion / FusionHub bonding is set up?

Thanks again for all your help. Edward

To clarify:

2 - Balance 710 Outbound Policy
Essentially you can create a rule defining the ports that the programs use. Or define Source IP of the devices.

Outbound Policy Rules continued:

  1. With that rule you would be defining all traffic. See above guide on outbound policy rules

4/5. If using SpeedFusion you can enable expert mode (See below on where to enable) and which will allow you to control how traffic is routed through the VPN (if your routing all traffic through SF).

Then let’s say my VOIP network is on /24 network. I can choose using either using the Priority or Enforced Algorithm to route the VOIP traffic out a specific WAN through SF (See screenshots below).

Hi Jarid

Many thanks for your message, and for the reminder about the excellent Knowledge Base. I have to admit that i had a mental block and forgot all about it, sorry!

Although I don’t have a separate VOIP network, I believe I can achieve my aim by setting the WAN LTE connection to only be used for outgoing traffic:

Network / SpeedFusion / Select Profile / WAN Connection Priority / LTE Direction = Up Only.

By doing this I can give my FaceTime, Skype and Fuze calls as much help as possible, whilst avoiding hammering my LTE data plan with iTunes downloads and streaming.

If anyone’s interested, it looks like this in my Balance’s interface:

Thank you again, Jarid and Sitloongs! Edward