How to set static DHCP assignments in FW 8.1.0

Hi all,
I’m relatively new to this device. I upgraded my Pepwave MAX BR1 Mini to FW=8.1.0 build 4941.
How can I get to the interface to set up static-MAC bound DHCP addresses?
I thought I saw it there in the older 7.x.x firmware.


Well, to answer my own question. It’s in Network->Network Settings. Then clicked on the “Untagged LAN” network link…

The UM at (pgs ~34 to 38), not quite clear about this; the UI maybe not super-intuitive compared to using some other products I’ve used in the past, just my 0.02 cents.


If you use VLANs, you will see that each VLAN has its own set of DHCP reservations.