How to set proxy setting for a specific WAN

Dear Guys ,

I need to know how is it possible to set proxy configuration for a specific WAN. I know that there is a web proxy forwarding setting in the Network tab but it’s dependent to the current web proxy settings of the user’s browser and this is not what I’m looking for. I need an independent web proxy forwarding for specific WAN when currently there’s no proxy set in the user’s browser. Is there any solution for that ??

Thanks - Hootan

Something like a conditional web proxy setting, Hootan?

Browser has no specific web proxy setting > use Peplink proxy setting (a different proxies for each WAN)
Browser has web proxy setting > use the specified web proxy.

Dear Kurt ,

Thanks for your reply,

I didn’t get the point. this is my scenario:

1- we do not want to set a proxy setting is user’s browser.
2- we have 3 links that one of them requires proxy configuration but not the other 2 links.
3- we need to setup load balancing so that all users could use the aggregated bandwidth of all 3 links.

Please advise.

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OK I see where you are coming from, Hootan. In this case, I believe we will need per WAN proxy setting.

I don’t think it is the first time I have come across a requirement like this. Let me move this to Feature Request for further discussion.