How to set different connection priority for upload/download


Just installed a Peplink Balance with an ADSL connection and an LTE connection.
The major gain is that the upload of the overall system is increased from 0.7 Mb/s to more than 10 Mb/s ! Stunning !

But the LTE connection is not illimited : there is a quota per month.

So, I would like to set ut the system on the Balance so that the download flow to the LAN comes from the ADSL connection, and the upload flow to the internet is routed to the LTE connection.

Is it possible ?
And how to do then ?..



Hi. Are you using speedfusion on this balance for your internet connection? If so you can use the asymmetric connection settings in the SpeedFusion profile to choose which WANs should be used and their directional traffic flow to achieve what you are asking.

If you are using normal load balancing across the WANs of your balance there is no way I can think of to achieve this, as the remote device (web server or whatever) will only be able to create a bi directional IP session with one of your WANs at any one time.