How to set a rule to use a particular link for uploads


I have 2 ADSL 12M up and 1 down and an other one with 1M down and 4 up. I want to use a rule to make upload for my Gmail attached files go through the one with the better uploading capabilities.

thx in advance.


You should be able to create a Outbound Policy rule that look something like this:

If you want mail to go out the faster WAN simply just drag and drop the preferred connection to the top of the WAN connection priority list. Essentially all SMTP (Mail) traffic will all be enforced out that WAN unless it completely fails, then it will be routed to the next WAN on the list.

thank you for your reply, but don’t think that the fact that this connection has only 1M of download putting is in preference mode will affect the whole internet user experience?


With the rule above it just forcing all Mail traffic to go out the WAN with the highest upload. This is only for Mail traffic and all other traffic I.E. web browsing, video… will route normal through all of your available WAN links (Depending on how you have your outbound policy rules setup). If you just want your PC to go out the “High Upload WAN” for mail traffic you can use the same rule above but just put the IP address of the computer/device that you are using in the “Source” portion.

Also, here is a KB article explaining more in depth about Outbound Policy Rules:

thank you :smiley: