How to select cellular bands to use or not to use

I’m new to peplink and i have been working on a couple of instructions. My question is; How can I select which cellular bands to use or not to use? I have looked on the community and google but unfortunately no results. I hope someone can enhance my knowledge.


So on the dashboard, click “Details” on the cellular section.

Then under the “Cellular Settings” click on the “Band Selection” and select “Custom.”

Then just select which ones you want to use.

Hope that helps!


Thanks you for your fast reply! I have found the settings. Thanks for your support.
PS; it would if Peplink and its partners could upload more topics on how-to tutorials. When i search on the community for a how-to subject i rarely find what im looking for.

Glad that helped!

As to your suggestion about how-to tutorials, there are some basic how-to videos on youtube posted by the company I work for as well as other partners; however, I am hoping to expand our list of tutorial videos, so if you have any ideas as to what you would like to see, let me know. I got a marketing guy who loves making videos.

not to be smart but peplink’s interface is pretty intuitive and the band selection setting is also found in the manual… dont know that a how-to tutorial would be needed for something simple…

Allright thats perfect I will let you know. PS im in my first month into working with peplink and I could help also to expand my knowledge.

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It might be simple for u but not for the resellers because alot times we got questions about how-to. We can help them with that but it is easier if there were some basic tutorials on youtube or on the community. Agree? Not only about the web admin interface but also about multiple devices in a network. A test video for example.