How to schedule pepwave SOHO MK3 to automatic reboot daily

Can Pepwave Surf Soho MK3 be scheduled to reboot automatically once a day

Hi James. Sure. After logging into your SOHO, point your browser to https://[address of router]:[port nr]/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi . Then look for “Scheduled Reboot” about half way down the page.

Could you help me understand how to schedule daily rebooting again. I am logged into my Surf SOHO MK3 remotely but not sure which Tab to click on to schedule rebooting daily? Would I click on “SYSTEM” Tab an then I see Schedule on left side but not sure what to do from there. Thanks for helping me. Not understanding “ point your browser to https://[address of router]:[port nr]/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi”

No. What I gave you was a generic format to get to the rather hidden page which is not frequently needed but has a lot of useful parameters. So, just plug your router’s address and port in there where shown. For an example, here’s the address of one we maintain: In this case we’ve changed both the IP address and the port number from the default.

An easy way to do this is to log onto your router from the LAN side. Then, just edit the address in the address pane of your browser.

The page for which you are looking is not visible from the router’s main menu system.

Thanks for your assistance, but I’m a beginner and here is my situation:

I would like help in configuring my Surf SOHO MK3 to schedule a daily reboot because it only has a USB Modem and the Surf SOHO MK3 is in a remote location and miles from where I am located and when power failures occur sometimes the USB Modem get disconnected and only way to get it to work is by rebooting the Surf SOHO MK3, but No one is at the remote site and able to reboot the Surf SOHO MK3.

How do I find the router IP address and port from miles away and not able to use A Lan connection from my location.


james Smelser

I don’t get it.
How do we know the port number?
Port 80 is the UI for the router. Do we have to change something in settings? This is the first time I have heard about this hidden page.

Ok I figured it out. Here is an example Grovepark.

Thank you but where do I input this information. I Log into InControl2 then click on my device SURF_SOHO_0672, then click on Settings and then Remote WebSite and I am see my Dashboard. Is this correct and if so, then where do I go to input the IP address and port # in the example you described. Thanks for helping me

Uuuh. OK. Sounds like you have a couple of things going on there.

Here’s the deal … I’m guessing the Partner [intentional capitalization] that sold you the router is not supporting the sale (required by Peplink of Partners.) I’ll PM you with my phone number. Call me and I’ll walk you through it. Faster to do by phone than typing out a treatise.

But, a caveat: We do not use IC2. If you want to go that route we can’t help.