How to run Docker application in SDX Pro

I am trying to download the docker essential package. But it seems like having issues. There is less materials regarding to it hence need some assistance on it.

  • System: Docker “essential package” installation started
  • System: Docker “essential package” installation interrupted
  • System: Docker “essential package” installation failed (download failed:4)

Can you provide screenshot that shows the reported issue?

As attached.

Please format the Docker at System > Storage Manager then download the Essential Package again at Network > Docker.

Hope this helps.

I already done it, but the issue still persisted. Do I need to configure anything before able to use it?

@Nazri_Mazlan, maybe you can submit a support ticket here for the team to take a closer look?

Do quote this thread so our support team could pick up the background information when processing the ticket.

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Sure, thank you.

After investigate, we found that WAN is blocking the download and this cause the docker essential package download failed. Issue resolved now ^^

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