How to reset a single SIM?

I have 2 sim cards, AT&T and Sprint. Sometimes the Sprint one gets stuck. It will just sit there acquiring an IP address. Rebooting the unit fixes it and it connects. Is there a way just to reset the Sprint sim card though so I don’t have to disconnect everyone from the internet?

Maybe an issue with the tower, and/or something with the data plan doesn’t let you stay connected for a long time?
Could you do a scheduled , say 2am reboot of the router to help?
What type of device is it?
What firmware are you running?

I travel a lot in my RV, it seems to happen when switching towers, and I need internet to work along the way. Reboot @ 2AM likely would help a little but not much.

Which one is primary , and what is your idle timeout set to?
Can you get support on the sprint sim?
Is the area you are traveling in have sprint coverage?

I have AT&T as my Primary. Not sure what idle timeout is set or where to find it.

I cannot get support on the sprint sim

According to Sprint’s map I am supposed to have ‘Excellent LTE’ here (see image below). This also happens at other places where I am supposed to have excellent coverage such as in the middle of a city at a walmart parking lot.

What bands does it normally connect on? Would limiting the bands help maybe?
I’m wondering what’s happening when it gets stuck if it’s picking a band the tower doesn’t like or something?

I wasn’t sure what bands it normally connects on.

But thanks to your advice, I did limit the bands to those that Tmobile and Sprint operate on, and set the type to ‘Sprint’ instead of Auto.

It immediately connected to LTE and now looks great, thanks!

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You can look at the wan quality reports on ic2 dashboard, and see what bands it connected to in the past.
Glad it’s working better for you now.

Instead of rebooting the device, could you disable and then re-enable to cellular WAN connection? (E.g., on a BR1 that would be moving it to “disabled” and then back up again.)

Aside from that, scheduled reboots as @Jonathan_Pitts suggested seem to clean things up (and has proven to be good preventative medicine on at least on some units).



I tried that, it did not work. It seemed to stay stuck in 3G/Roaming and couldn’t acquire an IP address.

I did not know that existed, but I literally just got this 1 week ago.

This system becomes more and more awesome the more I use it.

The ic2 reports and event logs are great, because you can view details about your device after it’s offline , or as you were traveling. If you have the GPS hooked up it will also show you on the map and the speed.

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I thought all was good, but now the connection keeps dropping. Not sure what to do to diagnose. The signal strength is really good when it is up, but it looks to be dropping consistently in the same time period.

What’s the time interval that it keeps dropping if you look at the event log and uncheck all except wan it should give you good timestamps.

Confirm that you have a 12v 2amp power supply attached?

Regarding the power supply, it is directly wired to my RV batteries essentially. 12V, 420Ah, 18AWG wire.

Any heavy loads that could cause it to drop?
Does the device reboot or just cellular drops?

I have 2 sim cards, AT&T and Sprint. The AT&T stays connected. Sprint keeps disconnecting. It looks like exactly every 2 minutes with a few seconds tagged onto the end.

It is doing this when nothing is on, this was this morning before anybody was awake.

This was working just fine all of last week, I did move locations, but nothing else has changed. I tried upgrading to the firmware that was released today as well with no luck.

Look under your cellular details
What is your idle timeout set to?
I’d recommend something higher like 30 mins.

I don’t seem to have an idle timeout defined

If you select “Both SIMs” you will then see a preferred sim option and have the timeout stuff. I don’t think that this will help you since you, like I, have TWO WANs with one sim on each.

If you select “Both SIMs” it is assumed that you have a primary and fallback sim in a single WAN connection.