How to purge/clear/reset the DHCP client list?

The Balance 310 8.1.0 and 8.0.0 firmware CPU Load stays at 100%, even after a reboot.

I suspect the 1000+ entry long DHCP client list.

I wish to purge/clear the list entries that are due to expire. Reducing the LAN > DMZ > DHCP Server > Lease Time to only 1 day doesn’t purge the list. Neither helps a reboot.

How to manually purge/clear/clean/reset the DHCP client list (or reduce its number of entries)?

Hi. Disable DHCP and save. Re-enable DHCP and save. That’ll clear the DHCP pool.
Note that if you have multiple VLANs/network segments you’ll have to do this procedure for each one.

Thanks for the to disable, save, and re-enable the DHCP pool. In this case it didn’t clear the DHCP pool. Support did clear the pool via remote assistance.

Interesting. We’ve never needed assistance in that regard. Well, glad it worked out! I wonder if there was a regression in the code.

I do find this annoying, as disabling/enabling loses all the static bindings. It would be 100% preferred if the leases were taken out of the pool when they expire like they should be. Is there any real benefit to consuming an entry in the pool after they have expired?

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