How to port forward a Peplink 710

I have an authentication server which has 2 network cards for WiFI hot-spot users in front of the 710 router. Currently I’m doing NAT in the server with inside address of, outside address of The 710 then has a address on the LAN port and a 71.x.x.x address on the outside among others. I was told that if I turn off the NAT function in the software that the server then turns into a layer 3 router. However, I would have to have the 710 router set a return address to point to the inside interface of the router. If I had a Cisco router, the command would be,,

How do I do this in the 710 router?

Rory Conaway

Hey Peplink, the forum only has value if you chime in here when nobody answers the question. Is there a way to do this on the 710?

Hi Rory,

  • Frankly, I don’t understand your question, so I’d like to share the idea with you :).
  • First, re-configure your server to Router
    (Routing mode, not NAT - on any Windows or Linux machines). Defaut route is Peplink’s LAN: (If Your server is in NAT mode, you should make Port-forwarding twice: the first for your server and the second for Peplink. That’s why I’d like to switch the server to Routing mode). - Secondly, Go to Peplink LAN menu an add as many Static routes as required
    ( … behind your router), the gateway to inside networks is server’s outside interface ( Now, Peplink can “see” any traffic going out of it. - Last, Go to “Network –> Inbound Access –> Services” to forward any ports
    from any Inside host (; or or anything else). - In real cases, your server likely takes the roles of Enterprise Firewall and/or Layer 3 Switch (core switch).


Thank you for the response. I suspected as much and will test it out. Thank you for your help.