How to pass Speedfusion Public IP to remote PEPVPN router

how can we assign public IP from the data center to speedfusion remote gateway that doesnt have static IP?

That depends. What do you want to achieve specifically? Can you draw a quick sketch?

something like this

Hi leezy,

Have a look in that post

After that I’ve solved it.


i cant seems to access that link. it seems to be missing or it is private.
any luck on your side?

ups, you’re right.

Where are you located? I think for that configuration a peplink-partner should assist you.

im also a peplink partner, it seems that alot of things are not allow to access from my side.
who should i contact?

@TK_Liew could be a great help for that szenario.

@leezy, I suggest getting help from your point of purchase - local Peplink distributor. They should able to help.