How to optimize Peplink 20 for IPTV users?

New to this forum and please excuse my ignorance. I am using multiple IPTV hardware units downloading streaming video channels. With the Peplink 20 the streaming has become choppy than without it. The two WAN sources are a Comcast 100mps and an ATT 45mps. I am looking to optimize the unit for this type of streaming. If I adjust the outbound policy for high application and if so, does this negate the failover process if one ISP drops. Also, should the MTU be adjusted for max traffic?? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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You could try to create QoS rule to prioritize the streaming traffic:

Otherwise if you know what port(s) are being used you could create a custom application as well and prioritize it.


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Thanks for the reply…I tried an outband policy using one of the IPTV’s IP addresses and it did the reverse and blocked the traffic… so I will try this…