How to minimize WAN heath check consumption?

Hi all,
Is there a way to reduce the health check in Peplink Balance 20?
I have 2 WANs connection .I ran a test and found out the Average WAN health check consumption , it is 1.18 MB per day or 35.4 MB per month(health check=120 seconds
Timeout=10 seconds Retries=3 seconds). This value is too much for the type of application I am using.
Is there a way to reduce it?
Thank you

Which of the three types of health check are you doing? My guess is that Ping uses the least traffic and HTTP the most. Again, a guess. Also, health checking is optional, it can be disabled.

Hi Michael ,
Thank you for your reply.
Yes, I am using ping for the health checking.I was unclear in my previous post.I just want to use cold failover feature.WAN 1 is my primary connection , WAN 2 is the backup one.
The WAN heath checking is the only way to failover?
if yes, any idea how I can reduce that consumption by half?
I appreciate your help.

Setting a schedule on the wan for off hours will help reduce consumption off hours.
I have a similar request in this thread, for a schedule to put in cold standby instead of turning off.

The challenge with turning if off with a schedule is then it won’t become active if the primary wan fails.

I don’t know.

You can reduce bandwidth by doing the Health Check less often. The flip side of that coin is that when it fails, you won’t know quickly. At the extreme, don’t do any Health Checking and manually fail over to the backup when someone/something complains.