How to make Wifi-WAN first in Priority 1?

I have a Peplink MAX Transit Pro. I’m using Wifi-WAN to connect to my Starlink router, and have a T-Mobile home internet router setup on the WAN (ethernet) port. I’m keeping both of them in Priority 1 so I can bond the connections using SpeedFusion, but for normal clients that are not connected to the SpeedFusion SSID I want Peplink to route over Starlink (Wifi-WAN) as a first priority since it’s quite a bit faster. I can’t seem to drag Wifi-WAN above WAN, though. How do I accomplish this?

Here’s a video of what I’m experiencing: CleanShot 2022-05-15 at 15.28.09 · CleanShot Cloud

You need to setup a ‘priority’ based outbound policy with the starlink higher than the WAN then load balanced traffic will use the wifi-wan unless it is unavailable then it will use the wifi-wan.