How to make external USB storage available to network?

It’s my understanding that my MAX Transit doesn’t have a way to connect to external storage that everyone on the network can share. This isn’t exactly a Peplink question, but how would you go about making this USB enclosure available to everyone on the network? I don’t know what solutions are out there, so any guidance is appreciated. Thanks!

That’s true.

Its not something I’ve done for a while. The last time I did I used a raspberry pi and openmediavault.
Tutorial here: How to Turn Your Raspberry Pi into NAS with OpenMediaVault

PC Mag did a write up about off the shelf commercial options: The Best USB NAS Adapters


I appreciate the help! Unfortunately, the article is 10 years old and it looks like all of the devices are no longer supported. I’ve done some Googling and can’t find them anymore. Weird…

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I have a NAS on our LAN but it’s via Ethernet.
Maybe a usb to Ethernet adapter would work?

I guess the market changed. There are some others out there but they are all tied into cloud apps I would think:


Hello @MnMgo
Another simple solution to add to @MartinLangmaid suggestion:

  1. Get a laptop (the old model you or your friend has lying around will be fine) with a network connection (use a dongle if necessary)
  2. Blow away the operating system on the device and reinstall clean
  3. Plug USB drive/printer into the laptop
  4. Share USB device on your network

There are so many old laptops globally; here, you can put them to good use; if the laptop still has a working battery, you have a small UPS of protection for your USB drive.
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After messing with this for too many hours (you know how that goes) I just bit the bullet and ordered a NAS unit. I’m sure it’s a good purchase but $$$


I use the Hyperdrive in conjunction with the Pepwave works really well