How to make config changes to multiple devices

We have a customer network with 100+ Pepwaves that require the addition of the following configuration:
1, Enable expert-mode in Outbount policy.
2, Add an Out policy for all packets with source address to be sent over a specific SFVPN.
3, Add FW policy internal allowing that traffic from

It takes an unreasonable amount of time to manually reconfigure each Pepwave. How can we automate or script these three simple config changes to be pushed to all the devices?.


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Hello @DKonkin,

The ‘Bulk Configurator’ feature in InControl 2 is made for exactly these type of challenges.

After configuring one Pepwave the way you want to configure all Pepwaves, download the configuration file from this unit.
You can do this by logging into the device and going to ‘System’ > ‘Configuration’ > ‘Download Active Configurations’.

Download Active Configurations

When this is done, login to InControl 2 and go to the group(s) which contain the Pepwaves you want to reconfigure.
When you’re in the group, hover your mouse on ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Bulk Configurator’.
You will then be forwarded to this page:

Bulk Configurator

Keep in mind you can only push configuration files onto corresponding applicable devices.
Hope this helps!


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Hi Joey

What if the target devices are already in a live production environment with unique, per device configuration?


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Hi Dana,

If they have unique, per device configurations that have to be retained, the Bulk Configurator will most likely not be your way to go.
The Bulk Configurator is designed for easily flashing a large amount of devices with the same configuration.

I’m not sure if there’s another way than reconfiguring everything, one by one, in this case.
This is also possible via InControl 2, as long as the target devices are online, but will still require you to do it one by one.

@TK_Liew/@sitloongs, is there a workaround I haven’t thought of?

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You have to forbid traffic from to block internal traffic? A balance can’t do it but a FusionHub can in one click.

for the scripting of the outbound policy, you can’t do it in CLI unfortunately. I’d automate it with a graphical scripting and do the action via internal network then block the traffic between peers.


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@Joey_van_der_Gaag and @DKonkin Don’t think it can be achieve for now.

Just for your info, those mention configuration will be available soon in IC2 management.

  1. Outbound policy - Target to implement in IC version 2.6 which is to be released later this year
  2. Firewall policy - After IC2 version 2.6.

This should able to help up for such policy/rules deployment.


Thanks Sitloong,

When will we be able to send asci or xml configuration changes?
(Until that is possible, automated provisioning is impossible).




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