How to Login to Peplink Balance 380

Hey guys,
I would really appreciate your help, Balancer is configured in Drop-In mode by a previous tech, I have credentials but I am confused how to get access to it? Could somebody give a hint?
Thank you in advance

You will need to know the IP address that has been configured on it.

Tim_S, thank you for the reply. I know the IP address of firewall behind it and also IP address of second WAN Interface and also Managment IP settings.
I used IP address from Managment IP network and connected to an additional LAN port on the device and could not get into Web Interface of the device or even ping it. Should I use LAN port which is currently in use by drop-in mode maybe?

It sounds like he changed the port to a non-standard one. If the device is in warranty you can just create an free InControl2 account and add this device to it which will allow you to log into it via the Remote Web Admin feature and you will not need the password.


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Thank you, Tim!
I know with warranty it would be much easier, but it expired. Do you have any other advices which I can try,
Thank you in advance


You could try connecting a laptop / PC to the WAN port directly, using a static IP similar to the WAN IP address you know (say +1)? Leave the default gateway blank and then browse to the WAN IP Address.

Please let me know if this works.