How to Implement SpeedFusion With Drop-In Mode

SpeedFusion supports Drop-in mode environment. In this network scenario, user would require to communicate the private LAN subet and



On Site A, all outgoing traffic from private subnet will be NATed by Firewall, the source IP will be changed from private LAN address to public address Therefore, inside the Peplink VPN tunnel, traffic will be passed in stead of Same situation will be applied to Site B. So, inside the tunnel, Peplink will see the traffic between and but not and

In order to route the private LAN subnet over SpeedFusion Site-to-Site VPN, the following steps are required:

  1. Both Firewall must be configured to bypass NAT for traffic between subnet and example: The traffic from to, Firewall at Site A just route to external public side without doing NAT, for the rest of the traffic, Firewall will NAT them, as they are Internet traffic.
  2. Add LAN Static Route on both Peplink units at Network > LAN > Static Route Settings.
    • In Peplink Site A, LAN Static Route: via![Static route A|600x71](
    • In Peplink Site B, LAN Static Route: via![Static route B|600x71](