How to identify and resolve issues of very high upload bandwidth usage

I’m having a major difficulty identifying and managing a high rate of upload bandwidth between 2 peplink routers (and the subsequent slowness it causes).

I have a PepVPN with Speedfusion connection between a Peplink 380 with 3 x WAN ADSL connections (head office) and a Peplink 310 with 2 x WAN ADSL connections (branch office). The Speedfusion link has been operating in its current state for 4 weeks. From the initial setup I have used the bandwidth control feature to set upload and download limits for all IP addresses on the network. There are periods of time every day where the B380 shows a very high amount of realtime upload bandwidth. Sometimes – while the upload is showing a high rate – the speedfusion bandwith between the 2 sites is also elevated. Other times I’ve noticed the upload bandwidth is high while the speedfusion bandwidth is much lower.

When I get complaints from the staff at the branch office I log into the B380 at head office and can see very high upload traffic. However, when I look at the bandwidth usage per client (client list page) the total amount of traffic being sent by all listed clients is much lower than the total showing on the realtime bandwidth page.

Some of the things I have tried to identify the problem:
· I have spent a lot of time tweaking/reducing the upload limits (using bandwidth control) but most of the time it doesn’t seem to have an effect on the spikes of high upload traffic.
· On a couple of occasions the changes I make to the bandwidth control limits or user groups seems to propagate after I reboot the B380. Then after another few hours I once again see high spikes of upload traffic.
· Most of the time during these spikes, the total realtime upload traffic is very high, but all of the clients on the client list page show relatively low amount of upload traffic.
· I’ve tried blocking all HTTP and HTTPS traffic for the whole main office (during a spike) and there was still no change to the kpbs rate of upload traffic.
· I have also removed a number of applications from the network to ensure that those programs aren’t the cause of the upload traffic spikes.
· I have checked all client computers on the network for viruses and malware using 2 av/am scanners.

Over the past few years I have setup other very similar networks using peplink routers + speedfusion for other customers and they never have bandwidth problems as long as I set up the bandwidth control limits.
Is there a chance there is an issue with my B380?

I would welcome any suggestions for monitoring or isolating high bandwidthusage with the B380.
Thanks very much

Hi Chris,

Which firmware versions are you uging on the units?
Also do you check the bandwith measurements in the units them selves or using InControl2? I’ve seen situations in where InControl2 displays different data value’s then the devices.
Although these differences show in my opinion minor differences of a couple 100 Mb’s for high bandwith speedfusion connections.

Can you maybe identify problems with using the PepVPN Analyzer?

Thanks very much for the suggestions.

They’re both running firmware 6.3.1. I can monitor the bandwidth for the B310 in InControl2 but not for the head office’s B380 as it’s 2 years old and out of warranty. The measurements for the B310 look the same on first glance but I’ll keep an eye on that over the next day.

Whereabouts can I find the PepVPN Analyzer??

If you go to Status > SpeedFusion you will see a small icon that looks like a speedometer.