How to get WAN license

I have a MAX BR1 Mini and have some setup issues.

  1. There doesn’t appear to be a SIM tray (carrier) in either slot A or B (brand new missing?) or what size is the card? Think I need a 2FF adapter?

  2. How to obtain a WAN WiFi license? - who do I contact?


Hi. Just gently push the SIM into the slot. There is no carrier – not needed for that size card. Isn’t the orientation of the card shown adjacent to the slot?.

License: I think this is the product you want [from the spec sheet]:

… and it’s available from the Peplink Partner from whom you purchased the router. It’ll be delivered to you in electronic form.

The card is a lot smaller then the slot and gets lost with out an adapter, I think I need to get a 2FF to mini adapter. My bad I should have realized that.

Thank you on the partner, but not sure which license is needed? Does the failover license include the ability to connect to public WiFi etc.?

Thanks Got it. I did not realize the trials on the status page. It’s actually called “SpeedFusion Hot Failover” crazy name, but hey that did it and I also ordered the license. Thanks again.

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