How to get Verizon PREpaid to work on BR1?

Hi all, just completed our first remote work/school trip in our new camper! I bought a Max BR1 LTE-A and used it on Verizon and Google Fi. Everything worked great, but activation on Verizon was an absolute pain! I went in wanting to do a prepaid plan because it is cheaper and I only need it when we take a trip. However, after many hours in person and on the phone, apparently it is not possible to get the prepaid plan set up with the Pepwave, which is also confirmed by searching this forum that many others have had difficulty. I got it set up on a postpaid plan, but don’t want to pay for service in the months I don’t need it.

So what I’m thinking about is a way to get a SIM activated on a prepaid plan then use it in my BR1. What I’m thinking is to buy a Verizon jetpack, either used on ebay or directly from Verizon. There’s refurbished jetpacks for around $30 on ebay, or the MHS900L is on sale direct from Verizon right now for $50. That jetpack is essentially just a tool used to activate the SIM card, which I’d then move over to the BR1 and carry on my merry way. It’s kind of a bummer to have to pay $30-$50 for a device that I’m not actually going to use, but that’s not that bad when the alternative is to spend hours upon hours messing with customer service.

Does this strategy make sense? Has anyone got a Verizon prepaid plan to work with your Pepwave devices? If so, how?

Yes, I used my verizon jetpack to activate the plan. Then moved the SIM to the BR1 mini. The cost of the jetpack is not much, and it gives you a backup device to test with if there is ever an issue.

For example, I had to use a jetpack one time in order to get an SMS message from verizion so I could login to the verizon account. Ironically I had left my jetpack at another location, so I had to buy a second one on ebay for another $30. Not a major cost in the grand scheme of things though.

Great, thanks! Maybe somewhat of an easy question, but is there any concern that a used device won’t be compatible to get set up? I can’t check the IMEI compatibility until I get the device. For example, the Novatel 5510L is $32 on ebay from what looks like a good seller. It is a Verizon branded 4G LTE device, so it should work just fine, right?

I used my 5510 to activate a new verizion prepaid line a year and a half ago without issue. It wasn’t a great hotspot to use though due to erratic ping times and lesser coverage than a 6620 or 7730. I’d spend a couple bucks more and get a 7730 or an AC791L or a 6620 in case you have to actually use it in the future, especially if you’re in a low-signal area. Make sure the seller has good feedback… I would only buy from a seller with good positive feedback to be sure the IMEI is clean.

I managed to get a MAX BR1 Mini setup with Verizon Prepaid, but it was painful. Online and support services are not helpful. When I try to add Data, I get a message that they “are having Technical difficulties.”

I have read that it may be possible to use an old phone and set that up with Prepaid service, then move the SIM card to the MAX BR1. Of course you lose the voice and Text services. Would like to know if anyone has done this successfully.


I’d still recommend a hotspot device so you aren’t mixing phone and data account/device.

Thanks for your response. I was only thinking about using the Phone, because I have one sitting here at no cost. Do you have reason to know that will not work, or are you just warning against adding more unknowns to the process? I also see many different Jetpack models on eBay - confusing.

Following up on my original post. We have a trip coming up so I ordered the prepaid SIM card and got it today. Used the IMEI from the jetpack when ordering the SIM, and installed the SIM in the jetpack for it to activate. That worked fine, then I moved the SIM into the pepwave and it also worked great, no problems at all. Using it right now in fact.

So, anyone looking to get on Verizon Prepaid, this is the way to do it easily! It may kind of suck having to buy the jetpack just as a tool to activate the SIM, but oh well, that’s not a big expense in the grand scheme of things. I would have gladly paid that to avoid all my time and headaches the first time around!

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I ended up doing the same thing, so thanks for the suggestion. It did work for me. I just got a recall on the Jetpack, so I now will be getting a replacement from Verizon. Think I paid about $ 40. That was more than I wanted to pay, but as you said - it is small in the big picture and gives me a backup device if I ever have trouble with the BR1 Mini.