How to get a Verizon MiFi Jetpack 6620L to work with a Pepwave Surf SOHO?

The 6620L works perfectly in every way when tethered to a PC running Windows 7.

When the 6620L is plugged into the Pepwave Surf SOHO, the 6620L says that it is tethered to the Surf SOHO, however the Surf SOHO doesn’t seem to be able to connect to the Internet in any way.
I plug my PC into LAN port 1 on the Surf SOHO, and browse to to view the Dashboard page, and occasionally it will list the Verizon 6620L, but it cannot connect to it.

The documentation for the Pepwave Surf SOHO says that it supports the 6620L.

Can anyone give me any hints on how to make it work?

I’m a reasonably competent software engineer and Linux systems administrator in my day job. :slight_smile:

Hello and Good Day to you Haydn

First try a hard reset on the 6620L. Also make sure Firmware is the newest version. Are you using the usb cable that came with the 6620L? On the Surf soho dashboard, does it say your connected? If yes you’re connected try changing the MTU. We use the Netgear AC791L, and here is the dashboard in pictures.

The 6620L is running the latest firmware from Verizon.
I removed power and battery from the 6620L to reset it. (You didn’t say to restore it to factory settings.)
Yes, we’re using the USB cable which came with the 6620L, and which worked with the PC running Windows 7.
Occasionally and briefly on the Surf SOHO dashboard it lists the USB connection, but not most of the time. I unplugged the USB cable from the Surf SOHO and then plugged it back in, which got the Surf SOHO to say that it was initializing the USB a few times, and that way was able to see what the MTU was set to: 1428. Since 1428 is less than 1462 in your example, do you want me to leave it set to 1428? Are there other values you’d like me to try?

Note: the 6620L can see that it is connected to the Surf SOHO, however the Surf SOHO doesn’t seem to be able to communicate with it correctly.

Ok…set it back to factory settings and reboot it, try and reboot the Surf soho, and is it running latest firmware. Also, it can’t hurt to try a different usb cable. After reboot if you still have the same results, try setting MTU to 1462.