How to FTP to device with STATIC IP that connected with Surf 200?


I had the Surf 200 for a while a while. Under usual circumstances conectin a worstation to the LAN it works nice.

I have a remote datalogger with STATIC IP ( (notice the 1.131) connected to the router ( using the PepWave Surf 200. The Surf 200 obtains and IP let say from my router. I need to FTP to the datalogger from a workstation with IP (for instance). Can you this be done? Can you help me with instructions how to achieve it?

±----------------------------------+ ±--------------------------------+ AIR ±---------------------------------+ ±-------------------------------------+
| datalogger: Static IP | | Surf 200 | /\ | Roter | | Linux PC - Datacolector |
| | | IP on wifi | / \ ^ | IP | | IP |
| Gateway |RJ45=====| SET IP | / \ / | Mask |=======| Gateways |
| Mask | |NO DHCP server | \ / | | | Mask |
±----------------------------------+ ±--------------------------------+ / ±---------------------------------+ ±------------------------------------+

Thank you


So we are talking about using the Surf 200 as a Wi-Fi bridge, yes?

Yes. PepWave Surf 200.


If your Surf in bridge mode, then your datalogger and workstation are in same subnet. There should be no additional settings on it for FTP.

How do I set it to bridge mode?

Sorry for the confusion, the Surf 200 does not operate in bridge mode but rather only in NAT mode. You could try to setup port forwarding and see if that works.


At moment the setp up is as follows:

  1. The data logger obtained IP from PepWave DHCP ((note the #.2. in the IP))
  2. I manualy set the the IP on the device side to (note the #.2. in the IP)
    The pepwave obtained (NOTE #.1. in the IP) from the router.
  3. The router has ip: (and runs DHCP)
  4. The machine from which I am accesing it has a (note the .1. in the IP) obtained from DHCP

Could you advice on how to set up the NAT? DO I set it on the pepwave device?

I did put the datalogger to the DMZ on pepwave
and I did put Papwave and the datalogger on the on the router to DMZ.

Curently I can ping the datalogger but CAN NOT FTP to it.

Thank you.

What you need is a wireless bridge so that all devices are on the same subnet, and the Surf 200 was not designed for this - but rather a Wi-Fi client device that operates in NAT mode.
FTP through NAT can pose some issues, here are a couple links with more information:

Could recommend a different device?

Absolutely - our Mesh Connector 200 or 400 is perfect for this:

This is available from our resellers.


If I have to use RJ45 CAT5 is the 200 or 400 better? The distance is only a few meters over standard walls.

Which reseler would you recommend?

The MC 400 offers the most output power at 400mw, it’s an awesome device!

The reseller is up to you, they are all good!

Thank you.

Once I get the MC 400 all I have to is plug it on and connect to the router and should be able to FTP to a an ip that has the same 192.168.1.x (#1) just the rest of the machines?

Yes, should be pretty easy to get going…

Thank you.