How to force routing through VPN connection tunnel (Speedfusion)


We have a Speedfusion VPN setup between two sites. One side uses the local subnet which is considered as a public subnet. Hence the automatic Speedfusion routing probably forwards it to the WAN port…

We really have to force a route entry to the other side of the tunnel instead of using the WAN port.

In the LAN settings it is not possible to manually add a route for and point to de VPN as “destination gateway”.

After reading the documentation I thought it would be possible by using Custom Outbound Rules (we have firmware 5.3.12).
I have defined all possible rules to force all outbound traffic to use the VPN, but it does not seem to work. Traceroute from the network always routes to the public WAN instead of our VPN.

Firewall rules allow ANY traffic so they are not blocking anything…

Why are the outbound rules not working??

Here are the Outbound rules:

Ok, my Outbound rules were correctly defined, but I needed an upgrade from 5.3 to 5.4 to make it all work like it should.

So if anyone else has this problem, please update the firmware to the latest version and try again…

Thanks for reporting back, glad you got it working.