How to extend DHCP pool?

usually per dhcp pools it can only gives 2 - 254 IP address right? how can i extend my DCHP pool in peplink?



Look like you are referring to extend the available IP for your network instead of just extending the DHCP pool/IP range.

  1. You must extend the LAN network for the require maximum host that need to supported.

Example: Extending from maximum 256 hosts to 512 hosts

You need to change the Subnet mask from to

Subnet mask for 256 hosts : (
Subnet mask for 512 hosts : (

For more information regarding to IP subnetting please refer to the URL below:

  1. Change the DHCP IP range from - Subnet Mask:

Thank You

Thankyou so much for the help it means a lot


Sorry as i may give you the wrong IP range.

You should use the following IP range for 512 hosts:

Hosts/Net: 510

DHCP IP range can be define: - Subnet Mask:

You can easily calculate this by using Subnet Calculator:

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