How to enable surf soho balancing of bandwidth?


I am not very familiar with routers in general, and especially not this one, so i’m not sure if it’s just a setting I’m missing? Whenever our Surf Soho MK3 router hits 100 MB/s speeds (So far the cause has been my main workstation downloading ISOs) (This is the max speed this router supports believe anyways?), other devices loose access to the internet and the CPU of the router is pinned at 100%.

I am wondering if there is some kind of balancing i can enable that lets other devices get a little bandwidth even if one device is requesting all of it?


May i know the throughput for your WAN connection ?

You may consider to enable “Individual Bandwidth Limit” to limit the maximum bandwidth 1 PC can use.

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We get about 12.5 Megabytes/s

I’d prefer not to limit the download speed for a computer though, just have it adapt to the needs of each computer like our old cheap router did.