How to enable POE on AP One 300M?


How to I enable POE on the AP One 300M?
I have tried a 12V POE injector without success.
Went 5X over all the settings and the only manual I can find is the spec sheet that tells it can run on POE 12V

Any help is highly appreciated.


@Rogier, the AP One 300M only accepts standard 802.3af PoE input, not passive 12V PoE input.


So I can’t use the same one as I use for my Ubiquity AP’s and IP Camera’s ?

Do you have an example of the correct POE injector for me ?-)

Hi Rogier,

Any PoE Injector or PoE Switch complied to standard 802.3af should able to power up the AP One 300M.

Thanks and regards.

Here you go:

Of course I used the 12 Volt version :wink:

Hi Rogier,

I have checked URL given and the product datasheet, it seems these are not 802.3af compliance, as I found at their website for the 802.3af adapter.

Thanks and regards.