How to Enable LACP on 2500?

Dear Everyone,

could anyone please tell me how to enable LACP on the Balance 2500? the product description says it is supported but in port settings, I do not see the LACP setting available. is it required an additional purchase license?


Hi @DaNy,

You should be able to find LACP(802.3ad) under LAN port settings configuration.

Balance 2500 should not require a license to use this feature, but Balance 2500 can be in different configurations as the Balance series comparison table states. Standard BPL-2500 should have this feature.

Hi @Rokas_Musteikis,

We are using v.7.0.1 and below is what in my device.

@DaNy, I think we have communicated on this earlier and I would suggest you upgrade the device to the latest GA firmware (8.1.0), then let us know the outcome.

You may submit a support ticket if the result is unexpected (no LACP option) after the firmware upgrade.

You may refer to the online user manual, Network > LAN > Port Settings, for those supported models.

Okay, thank you for the comments, let me upgrade accordingly.