How to Enable Application-Based Blocking

As of Firmware 6.3, Peplink routers can block traffic from specific applications.

Blocking Applications

To begin navigate to Network > Firewall > Content Blocking (For MAX Devices: Advanced > Content Blocking).

Click the drop-down menu under Application Blocking to select your application, and the click the + button to add the application to the blocking list.

Click the Apply Changes button on the top left hand corner to implement your changes

Setting Exempted User Groups and Subnets

You can also set up specific user groups or subnets to exempt from web blocking and application blocking. Simply click the checkbox for the groups you wish to exempt, and add your network and subnet masks. Please note that these exemptions affect both web and application blocking.

[Application Blocking Category]:

Firmware 8.1.0 = 248.

Firmware 8.2.1 = 271.

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How does application blocking work? How odes the router know which application is involved? Does it just block ports or use a blacklist of IP addresses? I ask because most of my applications continue to work with the internet even if I block them

We block based on Application (Layer 7 of OSI layer). Please share which application you failed to block.

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I must misunderstand what app blocking is meant to do. For example I block all voip but Skype works fine. In fact I can block pretty much every app category and my computers function as normal … e.g. I block all email but outlook, gmail and the iPad email app continue to function with all types of messages. What is layer 7 of psi?

We block based on the application that listed in Application Blocking. Please ensure the Exempted User Groups and Exempted Subnets are not enabled.

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Can this feature be controlled in In-Control? I find no layer7 configurations there.

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