How to disable the internet access on a peplink max 700


I got an IpSec between 2 peplink over internet.

I have many networks behind the peplink from the site A and only one network behind the peplink of the site B.

I can reach all the network from the area A & B, it works perfectly.

I want to keep internet on the site A but on the site B I am looking for how to disable it?

The lan of the peplink side B is a little network with a range DHCP of 5 IP.

I really need to disable completely the internet access and not only the http (port 80) or the https.

Could you help me ?

Best regards.


You should be able to accomplish this by setting the default outbound firewall rule to Deny on site B and then create allow rules for traffic that is destined to the networks of site A:

My site A got the network 11.0.0.x, 10.0.0.x, 20.0.0.x,30.0.0.x

The site B got the ip 80.0.0.x

So in the peplink B I deny the default outbound on the firewall and I allow only the rules like you specified remote access / 24 ; / 24 ; / 24 ; / 24

This will give me the possibility to disable the internet access, do you confirm?

Is it the only solution?

Many thanks for your answer I will try that tomorrow near 2 pm paris time.

Best regards.

I have set this config!! Answer tomorrow.

Many thanks for the advice.