How to delete and edit organization names in Incontrol 2

Hi - new to the group -

I can’t see how to do this - I am trying to delete an organization name that has a typo

Suggestions would be welcomed.

You could rename your organization’s name by pulling down the right most organization menu, choose Organizations Settings > Organization Settings.

If you want to delete an organization, just remove all devices from all groups. The system will automatically remove the organization 14 days later.

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The reason I was puzzled is because I couldn’t access the “Organization Settings” menu.

What I didn’t realize is that the “Organization Settings” menu is not available until a group is created. Once I made a group, per your instructions I could edit the organization name.

I am having the same issue, and I don’t have any devices/group attached to my test organization. If I go to Organizations Settings > Organization Settings it asked me to create a group only.

Hi @hklossner,

You will need to create a Group first. Once you have created the Group you can then amend the Organisation name.

Hope this helps.


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