How to delete an InControl account / user / login?


I login on InControl using a Google account. I accidentally use my personal email rather than the office. Now I have an account created within InControl (empty of devices) which I want to delete… how to do that?


Login to your IC2 using your personal email.
Go to Organization Settings > Organization Settings.
Right at the bottom there is this message.

Organization Removal
To remove this organization, just delete all devices on the device management page. The organization will be removed after 28 days.


Since your account is empty of devices, no further action is needed. :wink:

Dear @Kv_Chen,

Thanks, I haven’t added any devices yet, but following your suggestion, I
can not see the option: Organization Removal.

I see this:

@amaravati That should be a normal behaviour, once all the devices have been removed. Regardless, I have manually deleted your old organization, so your personal email account should no longer grant you access to that organization.

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@Kv_Chen, many thanks. Sorry for the trouble.


The same happened to me.
Can someone help and delete my empty organization?